High-quality tube systems

Our claim for all sectors: innovative, precise, 100% customer satisfaction.

Tube bending parts, tube forming parts, tube assemblies and special solutions.

Challenge accepted! RS Traut offers the solution. From bending and forming to ready-to-assemble tubes directly to your production facility – we offer everything and much more. Whether 0.8 mm capillary tube or 40 mm outer diameter, we manufacture it according to your requirements. We fulfill customer-specific requirements with the highest quality, including cleanliness analyses and 100% leak testing of soldered assemblies.

Tube bending parts

Tube bending parts, from tube bends to complex 3D bending geometries.

Tube forming parts

Tube forming

Tube forming parts with demanding axial forming or roller burnishing.

Tube assemblies

Tube assemblies

Ready-to-install assemblies. Form and pressure tested.

Special solutions

Customized tube bending

Special solutions developed individually according to customer requirements.

Zero-defect strategy.

Our products are manufactured according to a process-oriented approach with a zero-defect strategy in order to meet the highest requirements such as those of the automotive and aviation industries. Thanks to our customized solutions, tubing systems from RS Traut are also established in numerous other industries. From dental and medical technology to construction machinery and agricultural machinery – our products are used everywhere.


Highest precision

A tenth of a millimeter accuracy is not enough? Then we speak the same language.


Fast & flexible

Do you need your tubes yesterday? Talk to us. We can do it quickly.


Efficient manufacturing processes and strict quality controls.

Quality – no ifs and buts. Our CNC machinery is perfectly coordinated and our employees manufacture passionately, conscientiously and to the highest quality standards, whether prototypes or series products.

“Above all, quality also means continuity: we can only achieve the best possible result if we constantly scrutinize and optimize our work processes. The zero-defect strategy is our target.”

Michael Berle, Managing Director

State-of-the-art machines

State-of-the-art machines for maximum precision.

We produce and supply tubing systems in individual quantities, without compromising on quality or speed. We are there when you need us.

Quality control

Quality controls for flawless tubing systems.

Our quality controls ensure that tube systems meet our standards and even exceed yours.

Innovative developments

Innovative developments.

Our innovative strength has made us a top partner for well-known companies with a global presence.

Contact us for customized tube systems.

Find out more about our tube systems and receive a customized quote.

Customer testimonials.

Read testimonials on service, quality and cooperation with RS Traut here.

“RS Traut is an outstanding partner for ZF Friedrichshafen. Their flexibility, reliability and commitment to quality are impressive. Your team not only contributes specialist knowledge, but also innovative solutions that exceed our expectations. Their support in the development and manufacture of tubing systems is invaluable to us and contributes significantly to our success.”

Senior Manager

Global Commodity Purchasing Tubes – ZF Friedrichshafen AG

“RS Traut has proven to be an extremely valuable partner for AGCO Fendt. From the very beginning, they have distinguished themselves through their professionalism, their ability to adapt quickly and their tireless dedication to quality. What began as an extended workbench has quickly developed into a trustworthy and reliable TIER1 supplier relationship. Their commitment has helped us to achieve our production targets. With RS Traut, you have a partner and not just a supplier.”

Head of Tube Production Department
Tube production – AGCO GmbH Marktoberdorf

“RS Traut has proven to be a reliable partner for Liebherr. Their ability to deliver the highest quality, even for urgent parts, is crucial, especially in the aviation industry where safety is paramount and forms the basis for the trust of hundreds of thousands of people. RS Traut is an indispensable part of our supply chain.”

Head of Supplier Performance
Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH