Tube bending parts

From tube bends to complex 3D bending geometry.

Tube bending parts from RS Traut

Precision in perfection.

The tube bending parts from RS Traut embody precision in perfection. Each part is manufactured with the utmost care and the latest technology. This is the only way we can guarantee our quality. Our tube bending parts are used in various industries such as the automotive and aviation industries. We provide you with customized solutions and first-class service.


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Pipe bending parts RS Traut

Tube bending parts for many applications.

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

Stainless steel tube bending part for use in laboratory equipment

Area of application: Dental technology

Laboratory equipment

Heat exchanger

Stainless steel coil for heat exchangers

Area of application: Plant construction

Laboratory equipment

3-D bent part

3D bent part for the furniture industry made of high-strength steel

Area of application: Furniture industry

Laboratory equipment

Air conditioning

Air conditioning duct made of thin-walled aluminum (aviation aluminum), heat treatment, electroplating and surface coating

Area of application: Aviation

Laboratory equipment

Heating system

Flow/return line for heating systems

Area of application: Heat pump, condensing boiler systems

Laboratory equipment

Heat exchanger

High-precision heat exchanger for insertion in grooved plate for optimum heat transfer

Area of application: Space travel

Laboratory equipment

Heating coil

Copper heating coil for dishwashers and cleaning systems

Area of application: Cleaning technology Flushing system

Laboratory equipment

Conductor rail

Busbars 3-D bent from copper wire with rectangular or square cross-section

Area of application: e-mobility, automotive

Laboratory equipment

Tubular heating element

Tubular heating element shaped as a coil with high tolerance requirements

Area of application: Auxiliary heating for e-mobility, automotive

From tube bends to complex 3D bending geometry.

We offer a wide range of tube bending parts. From simple tube bends to complex 3D bending geometries. Our tube bending parts are characterized by high precision and quality. We use state-of-the-art technologies and metals for production. This means we can always be sure that our tubes meet the high demands of our customers.

RS Traut’s tube bending parts are used in various industries and companies. These include the automotive industry, aerospace, aviation, furniture industry, plant engineering and e-mobility.

We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions for our customers and helping them achieve their goals.

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About tube bending parts

What are tube bending parts?

Bent tube parts are specially shaped components which, unlike formed tube parts, are manufactured by bending tubes. These parts are made from metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper and are used in various industries. The bending process makes it possible to form tubes into precisely defined angles and radii to meet the requirements of specific designs.

Bent tube parts are frequently used in sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace, mechanical engineering, the construction industry and medical technology. They can be used for structural applications, tubing, frame constructions, exhaust systems and many other purposes.

Do you have very specific requirements? We also offer customized tube bending. We develop and produce special solutions tailored precisely to your requirements. Talk to us about it.

What are tube bending parts