Customized tube bending

Customized tube assemblies developed according to customer requirements.

Bending tubes on request

Precise tube bending to measure.

Do you have very special requirements that cannot be covered by standard solutions? We offer customized tube bending for a wide range of applications. By using the latest bending technologies, we realize even complex shapes and exact geometries. Our bent tubes are characterized by outstanding quality, high functionality and exceptional durability.

Individual quantities


Exact fit and precise production


Daily delivery

Bending tubes to measure

Special solutions for various applications.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger for test setup, copper, soldered and coated with nickel

Area of application: Space travel

3 D bent part

3-D bent part

3-D bent part with narrow bending geometry and soldered stud

Area of application: Automotive

Gas tube

Gas tube

Stainless steel gas tube

Area of application: aerospace, industry

Spray lubrication

Spray lubrication

Tube with holes for spray lubrication

Area of application: Commercial vehicles

Capillary tube

Capillary tube

Complex capillary tube for high-pressure gas line

Areas of application: Aviation, industry

From 3D bent parts to complex capillary tubes.

In addition to tube bending parts and tube forming parts, we also develop and produce individual tube assemblies according to customer requirements. Even in small quantities and with daily delivery. Simply contact us and we will discuss together what is possible.

Our customized tubes are required in many different industries. Special custom-made products are particularly necessary in the aerospace, aviation, industrial and automotive sectors.

Above you can see examples of custom-made bent tubes that have already been developed. We manufacture a wide variety of special tubes. From spray lubrication tubes with bores for commercial vehicles to heat exchangers for the aerospace industry and highly complex capillary tubes for high-pressure gas lines in aviation – no customer request is too complex for us.

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Customized tube bending with 3D simulation

Tubes made to measure with absolute precision.

At RS Traut, we offer precise, made-to-measure tube bending for complex tubes with small diameters. Every request is subjected to a thorough feasibility check using state-of-the-art software. This software carries out a detailed simulation that takes into account all important parameters such as arch length, elongation and springback values. The exact saw length is calculated on this basis to ensure that the tube fits perfectly after bending.

The simulation result is implemented on a CNC bending machine. The manufactured prototype is precisely measured with a measuring arm and compared with the specified master data. If all dimensions match, the production release has been successfully passed and production can start. This thorough approach guarantees that our bent tubes meet the highest quality standards and are tailored precisely to our customers’ requirements.

Customized tube bending